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Are you  responsible for liquidating an estate of a loved one?

 A legal executor of an estate?

Relocating, downsizing or updating your home decor?


  We would like to work with you.  Merchant Traders Estate Sales is a full service estate sale company and  your sale will be customized to suit your unique situation.



Whenever possible, we will do a walk through of the home together. Occasionally, the homeowner or executor is out of state.  In this case, the entire assessment process can be done over the phone.  Together, we determine what is to be sold and not sold and discuss merchandise of significant value. We will focus on the sale process and how the home may be converted for the safest, most efficient and shoppable environment.








There are no upfront charges for our services or hidden costs.  We charge a commission of your total sales proceeds at the end of your sale.  The commission structure will be reviewed with you during the initial assessment.  You will be provided a report  of items sold and prices paid.  This report along with the proceeds will come to you promptly following the  sale.






3). SET-UP


Typically takes three to seven days, but varies based on quantity of items, research required, condition of the home, etc. 


During the set-up, our staff researches the market value of  items being sold.  Our goal is to sell at the best possible price, but also to engage our buyers with excellent value pricing.  With a very limited amount of time to sell your items, it is important to captivate customers with great advertising, alluring displays and tempting prices.  That's why you call us.


Merchant Traders Estate Sales provides virtually all items needed for the sale such as tables, pricing, bags, advertising, marketing, and signage for the best possible outcome.












If you are thinking of selling your home, the estate sale will generate interested buyers.  We would be happy to display brochures of your home during the sale.



The set-up process is most efficient when you have thoroughly seperated items  that you or your family members want to keep from the items that are to be sold prior to our first set-up day.  We recommend you do not donate to a charity until after the sale. 


*Special Arrangements can be made with  Merchant  Traders to provide complete sorting of your  items when  the  homeowner or executor cannot.




4). SALE


What do we sell?  We can sell anything you choose to sell.  From furniture to appliances and cars to lawn items.


The sale typically runs from 2 to 4 days long.


*Crowd control is managed professionally  and  graciously.

*Security is managed and implemented  throughout.

*Friendly, knowledgeable staff  in place to  "close  the sale".





Considerations for the security of your home begins during the assessment and is implemented in the set-up as well as the sale itself.  It drives our decision regarding flow of traffic, displays, check-out tables, and small valuable item placement.  We take this very seriously and will do everything we can to protect and preserve your property.








Pre Sale services such as sorting personal items from sale items and post sale services such as thorough clean-up and clean-out can be pre-arranged.

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